What is the challenge?

Most professional development conferences for teachers involve well intentioned people using equipment as a crutch: "they don't want to put in hours on the driving range so they spend a ton in the pro shop" (Rework, Fried & Hansson, 2010, p. 87). Some are looking for shortcuts to integrate technologies in 21st century context.


At iClasse, we don't believe in shortcuts to integrate technologies. Developmental understanding of students, relevant theories and researches, classroom management, new evaluation practices & effective learning practices come first.


We believe also that bringing traditional schooling online skips understanding of teacher professional development and pedagogy. We are not willing to stay in a passive position and wait for changes to occur from education management.

Education in YOUR hands

We are a team of learning and motivational designers who work with teachers, students, parents, seniors, schools, school districts and governments on the path of reform in education. We are providing guidancetrainingadvice and support on key areas of governance, classroom management, gamification, modernisation and implementation of educational technologies.

Our projects, your role

We are seeking AmbassadorsProject Leaders and Advisors to join our organisation to work on projects in Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The purpose is to serve clients at every level of Education to deliver impactful education reform. Project Learders will lead small, trusted teams of Ambassadors. The team will develop and sustain feasible recommendations and work with stakeholders to translate these into quick action.

How to apply

Simply send a cover letter (no resumé needed) to ppoulin.iclasse.com and let's talk soon.

Who we look for

  • Dedication and respect of iClasse trademark legal use
  • Outstanding strategy consulting / advisory skills
  • Track record of achieving results in challenging and uncertain situations or building something from scratch and seeing it through
  • Ability to operate at the highest levels of Education
  • Willingness to make contacts around the world

GAGNANT Personnalité des services publics 2016

OuTiC les plus appréciés

Intérêts de recherche :

  1. motivation, engagement et gestion de classe participative
  2. intégration des TiC
  3. démocratie en classe
  4. pairs aidants
  5. ludification de la classe

Spécialités et champs d'action à l'école :

  1. formation initiale et continue des maîtres
  2. transformation physique de la classe
  3. enseignement au primaire
  4. ludification de la classe
  5. accompagnement Tic des parents d'élèves
  6. solutions à la résignation apprise
  7. développement de l'empathie (intelligence relationnelle)
  8. formation continue en ligne et aspects de classe inversée
  9. ApprentissÂge : 15 années de coéducation transgénérationnelle
  10. Expérience avec Blackboard Learn, Moodle, Schoology et Brightspace

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