iClass™ is an official certification program that consists of 60 hours of training, divided into 4 levels over two years. The training program includes a redefined and improved technopedagogical approach to teaching, strategies for classroom management and student motivation, as well as support throughout the training process. It is a unique program, offered in Canada and around the world, that gives you the opportunity to update your educational skills and expertise. Positive changes in teaching and learning can be seen as soon as the first block is complete.



iClass and its team of dedicated teachers provides students and teachers with the skills necessary to join a society where technology-related competencies are becoming increasingly indispensable." (OECD, 2010).  We are using any kind of pedagogical strategies & educational technologies to achieve this OECD goal and by getting rid of linear school text books, usual grid seating pattern leading a rising buttom-up innovation in and outside Canada.



iClasse: The only international certification for teachers required by students and liked by their parents... and grand-parents.



GAGNANT Personnalité des services publics 2016

OuTiC appréciés

Début : 2h46 min
Début : 2h46 min

Intérêts de recherche :

  1. motivation, engagement et gestion de classe participative
  2. intégration des TiC
  3. démocratie en classe
  4. pairs aidants
  5. ludification de la classe

Spécialités et champs d'action à l'école :

  1. formation initiale et continue des maîtres
  2. transformation physique de la classe
  3. enseignement au primaire
  4. ludification de la classe
  5. accompagnement Tic des parents d'élèves
  6. solutions à la résignation apprise
  7. développement de l'empathie (intelligence relationnelle)
  8. formation continue en ligne et aspects de classe inversée
  9. ApprentissÂge : 15 années de coéducation transgénérationnelle
  10. Expertise avec Blackboard Learn, Moodle, Schoology et Brightspace

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